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What autoresponder do I choose?

You are on the right track, you’ve discovered that in addition to having a blog or a website or an info product, having an e-mail autoresponder mailing list is crucial. But now the problem is, who should you use to host your autoresponder? Should you host it yourself, is that even possible? Do you get what you pay for, is it worth spending hundreds of dollars per month on a premium autoresponder service or would a cheaper one do for now?

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To start off, if you have zero budget, you should sign up with a service called MailChimp. They will host your autoresponder for free until it has a certain number of subscribers, at which point you will then have to pay a monthly fee. This is great because you can build your first few subscribers and maybe you haven’t yet figured out how to monetize them yet, but once you do you’ll be able to afford the monthly fees.

On the other hand, if you have even a small budget, GetResponse has better support than MailChimp. At GetResponse you can start with a free month, to test if you like their service. After the first month they start their packages at 12 Euro per month. This package allow you to create a list with 1000 contacts.

They have excellent deliverability, which means you have a very low chance of your e-mail message being filtered by most people and they have telephone support. You can literally pick up the phone at any time, call a toll free number and they will help you with your autoresponder setup.

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But those are basically the only two choices I would give you when it comes to an autoresponder. If you can afford 12 Euro a month use GetResponse, if you can’t afford 12 Euro a month use MailChimp.

The question sometimes comes up “Should I use my own web server to host my autoresponder list?”, “Should I use WordPress to host it?” and the answer is “No!”. There are simply too many settings you have to set up on your server to make it send a lot of e-mails. If you’re on shared web hosting, you will probably get shut down by host and you will be fighting a constant battle to bet unblocked by the spam blacklist because even though you are not sending spam, many people will click on the “Report as Spam” button instead of unsubscribing from your list which they voluntarily signed up for.

Don’t host your autoresponder, get a third party service to handle it, such as MailChimp or GetResponse.