Building An Information Business Has Never Been Simpler Than This!

Do you intend to buy an information guide on how to start an info product business?

There are tons of them on the market, but we have broken down the tips for you so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

First, you will need to choose a niche that has been proven.
Next, create content for that niche. Quality content. Or unique if you can manage to.

Set up a blog and offer a free download link to your content in exchange for their email address. In your free download, package some of your good content and place some on your site in posts.

Create a product. You can take a week to write a mind-blowing course or book. If you want to complete in a day, record an audio lasting for 3-hours and have it broken down into six or more modules. I would recommend that you do the recordings as they are more accessible and you can charge more.

Send an email to your growing list every day or after two days with good info and give them a reason to buy your course. You can charge at least $40 for it, or more.Upsell to a monthly coaching program and charge $97.

That’s it!

Maybe I would have written that in 100 pages or recorded a 10-hour video on it and charge $197. But I would have expounded on the same material.
One last thing, traffic. If you have an IM related product, create new audio each week and sell it through Warrior Forum, JVZoo, or someplace with affiliates. Give 100 percent commission. Your goal is to upsell to coaching and a big product.

If it is not an IM related product, you can start guest blogging to attract more traffic. Offer bloggers great free recordings that they can give to their readers. Ask list owners to promote your recordings, and they get all the commissions.

This is not hard. But you have to know how to do it well!

Keep going!
Regards InterBiz