Ethical Marketing

To sell products well, it is essential to use functional sales language to convey your product’s benefits to convince customers accurately.

Words such as “unbelievable” and “phenomenon” and similar content are often seen in real bestsellers.

However, some marketers deliberately use excited descriptions to sell their merchandise. Those marketers deceive customers into believing that their products provide benefits that do not exist. At this point, it is appropriate to quote a real story:

Marketing story

One night, a marketer on my Facebook Messenger list told me to check the latest sales information about his products. This is an e-book about making money through Facebook advertising. I visited his website and was attracted to his sales copy!

The reason is that the seller acts precisely according to my wishes and promises that as long as you purchase the above e-book and execute any content in it, you can get “everything I want.” Salespeople also seem to think that the author owns a Mercedes-Benz (Mercedez Benz) fleet, luxurious mansions, and private yachts.

The problem is that I know this particular marketer. He is a 17-year-old high school graduate. He is looking for some quick income by selling the e-books he wrote, which are collected from various channels online.

My emergency alarm went off immediately, and I can imagine how many deceptive sales copies can deceive many naive novices.

Do your due dilligence

The sad but genuine fact is that there are many scam artists online, waiting to take away your hard-earned money. Therefore, please remember that the usual advice for consumers still applies online: use your common sense. If something appears too great to be authentic, it may imply too good to be true.

Recognize, when you plan to buy goods online, please do a necessary check on the merchant website.

First of all, if you don’t even have any questions about any of the features of the mentioned product, please send an email to the merchant about the product and observe its response.

Customer support reveals a lot about business integrity. Finally, if you can’t find the support email on their website, click the “Back” button and immediately leave the website!