How to get a winning business mindset

At the beginning when our business is new, and at least before we see some solid positive results, we easily procrastinate, which makes it even harder to succeed and get the mindset of a successful entrepreneur.

We procrastinate on tasks we find “problematic, unpleasant, aversive or just plain uninteresting or stressful.” If a task feels especially overwhelming or causes significant anxiety, it’s usually most effortless to avoid it. Another reason people procrastinate is because of lower self-esteem.

A good way to NURTURE A MINDSET of success TO become AN UNSTOPPABLE ENTREPRENEUR is to make daily micro-goals that are easily achieved.

As an online business person, you absolutely should be a person that is looked upon as a person that is knowledgeable in your chosen niche.

It is always wise to think long-term and an achievable daily goal could be to answer 1–3 questions on Quora each day.

If you sum that up, that would be 1095 questions answered in a year.

That would not only help you nurture your entrepreneur mindset, but establish you as a go-to guy/girl in your niche, and at last create a lot of traffic for your business.

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