How to start an online business

If you want your own internet business, you need to create an email list.

What do Facebook and Google do when you want an account? They make you sign up with your name, email address, and phone number. Then they are marketing to you.

You need to start creating your email list by collection name and email addresses and start marketing to your list.

How to make your list happy and wanting to read your emails is another story. A story you will learn more about being on my email list.

how to start an online business
how to start an online business

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Blogging For Business Defined

Why do you think business owners or business managers would want to focus on blogging not to benefit their business at all? You’re right. You could already say that there should be no more question about why more and more business owners are gearing towards doing blogging for business.

Blogging has proven its worth as far as any business is concerned. Blogging has slowly and surely picked up speed as more business owners realize the benefits that blogging brings to the company. Here is blogging defined to understand better why more and more business owners are into blogging for business nowadays.

Delineating Blog

As Pyra Labs Blogger has put it, a “blog” is a web page composed of short, regularly updated posts arranged by order of the dates posted. It was initially called “weblogs” in 1999, as thought up by a certain Jorn Barger. These weblogs started gaining popularity in 1999 when several companies and developers came out with blogging software and tools that would make blogging much easier to use. And since then, the number of users patronizing blogging has boomed from just a thousand to about a hundred million bloggers.

Business Blog Category

There are two kinds of blogging: the personal blogs, which are a combination of a personal diary or journal with some postings on opinions and where research links are present; and the business blogs, which is considered more of a communication tool for promoting business to existing clients and prospective or new and potential customers.

Blogging For Marketing Purposes

Blogging for business is also usually made as a venue for marketing products and services, communicating each product or service’s unique features and benefits. It has slowly yet captivatingly seized the attention of the global business community, what with the dramatic increase in the number of bloggers recorded. Indeed, blogs are a brilliant technique a business owner can use for sharing or campaigning its expertise and business portfolio. These, while simultaneously boosting the site’s traffic and connecting with new prospective customers as well.

What’s In It For The Smaller Businesses Then?

As for small enterprises or businesses which have just recently started and recognized the benefits of blogging on their business, there are also known benefits to them, which include the following:

Very Easy To Use

Jot down your thoughts, link your site to other various resources, and after which, you should publish to your blog, in just a few push of the buttons. You may try using the Blog software applications such as Movable Type,, and Typepad since they are all known to provide user-friendly blogging tools for your business.

A Low-Cost Alternative

Setting up your blog site on the Web will not even hurt your pockets. It is a very cost-effective alternative to indulging in advertising and marketing promotions. As we know, these advertising and marketing endorsements will cost your business a great deal of money to promote your products and services. And especially for small business owners who do not have many resources yet to learn to blog for business, you may hire a Web developer or do not have the time to learn about web HTML, then settle with the cheaper means of getting your business’ name visible online.

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