Own your marketing system

A wise business decision would be to create a marketing system, a system where you have control. 

The most marketer online relies on other companies, their software, and services. Even though this seems like a great idea short-term, you are also at their mercy and can be shut down at their will.

Companies and services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, can and will delete your accounts if they disagree, for whatever reason, with what you’re publishing.

That means you can lose months and years of hard work.

Another solution would be to create your marketing system. The system I am talking about is to create an email list you can send information to. The better the info you send, the more quality people you will have on your list.

The email list you build will be yours and only yours. No matter what Google, Facebook, Youtube, and others do, you will still have your list.

As long as you take regular backups of your list, you own that list for as long as you like.

You may still use software and services that companies provide, but you control your most important business asset.

Here are some pieces that you would need. I will continue writing on this article to append to what I already have registered.

  1. A great domain name. 
  2. Domain.
  3. Webhosting.
  4. Blogging platform.

Best regards

Lars Kristiansen

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