A Simple Marketing System

A simple marketing system

It is a wise choice to set up your own marketing system. With your own system you have more control. This means that even if the services and products you use in your system stop working or go out of business, you still have your system. A simple marketing system can be build around a … Read more

Make money online from home

The Do’s And Dont’s When It Comes To Starting A Home Business Running a home business can be an excellent alternative to going into an office every day, and it isn’t that difficult. You will need to work hard, but you can do it with the correct information. Proper advice can help a person begin … Read more

Own your marketing system

Own your marketing system

A wise business decision would be to create a marketing system, a system where you have control.  The most marketer online relies on other companies, their software, and services. Even though this seems like a great idea short-term, you are also at their mercy and can be shut down at their will. Companies and services … Read more

Best blogs for small business owners

Best blogs for small business owners

When thinking of starting a blog, you may be thinking about the best blogs for small business owners and other important things like cost and what you should write on your blog. My advice is just to get started. Start with checking out wordpress.org and pick a free theme. If you do not have a … Read more

Blog hosting

how to start an online business

One of the best places to host your blog is Cloudways. For a better understanding of how Cloudways work, check out their site. This is also the company I am using for intercashflow.com a WordPress blog. Joining an established blogging site like live journal or blogger has plenty of advantages, especially for the blog novice. … Read more

Best blogging platform to make money

The very best blogging platform to make money is wordpress.org, and you should install WordPress on your domain. That means you need hosting. WordPress.org gives you power over every phase of your website. You can develop your blog and append extra pieces like forums, an online store, and paid club. It makes WordPress the very … Read more